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Acceptance of Terms of Use
This website, as well as its subdomains, and the accompanying printed materials (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”) are owned by companies registered at the Commercial Court in Split:

ZVIR d.o.o
Top of the Village 125
20235 Zaton Veliki
OIB: 40908890381
MBS 090029628
Business Manager Ana Pijević
Zvir d.o.o. 
Performs as an agency and as a tour organizer.

Content that is not owned by the company is used with the permission of their author/owner and will be withdrawn from the promotional materials at the request of the author/owner.

All the excursions we offer and are presented on our website or other materials are under the official supervision


Trg Republike 8, Zagreb

Certain contents, which are not part of the intermediary services of ZVIR D.O.O. on this page, are exclusively for advertising material in which ZVIR D.O.O. does not mediate and all data and contacts are under the control and responsibility of the service owner.

Based on Article 6, paragraph 3 on the provision of tourism services (N. 130/17), you can make a complaint on
the e-mail: dubrovnikpartyboat@gmail.com and we are obliged to respond within 15 days.

We are available to users from 0/24 on tel. : 00385916005125

The site delivers voluntarily received information from business partners, ie owners of particular tourist services, to advertisers and does not bear any material or criminal liability if the information obtained is inaccurate, illegal, or otherwise in violation of the law. The Owner reserves the full discretion of any liability if the use of the domain www.dubrovnikpartyboat.com (and its associated subdomains) as well as the printed catalog has caused any harm to the user and/or third party in connection with the use or misuse of the use of the contents within the promotional materials. This site is intended for users for personal and non-commercial use. It is not permissible to modify, copy, distribute, display, publish or otherwise transfer or sell any information, service or product, and in particular photographs as well as any other material published on this site without the express consent of its owner or advertiser.

ZVIR D.O.O. undertakes to take all reasonable measures regarding the provision of accurate and high-quality information, and does not respond to inaccurate data from business partners regarding their services presented on promotional materials. A business partner, ie the provider of a particular service on the site, is the owner or authorized representative of the owner of the advertised tourist service and as such has all the necessary documentation for dealing with his /her business. A business partner, ie a provider of a particular service on the site, is required to provide accurate and true information about their services and to guarantee their safety, quality and legality. Any eventual changes are due to promptly inform the owner of the site.

In the event that a site user violates the General Terms and Conditions of Use and in any way damages the site owner or other advertisers, we reserve the right to remove the page without further explanation and without any obligation to the same. We can also claim compensation for damage and financial loss.

Service prices are published in EUR and HRK. The Agency reserves the right to change the published prices. For travelers who have made an advance payment for a specific reservation, the agency will not return if canceled. If a reserved trip is made to a smaller number than announced by the same reservation, the excursion will be charged at an agreed price, and if more than one person is mentioned in the voucher, the service provider has the right to deny the service to unaddressed passengers or to accept all passengers at an extra charge of unannounced passengers on the spot. In that case, the site does not respect any guest’s objections to the quality of the reserved service.

All reservations are made electronically by filling out the foreseen form available at www.dubrovnikpartyboat.com, or at the Zvir do.o branch offices. When making an orderly booking, the customer confirms that he is familiar with these General Terms of Service and accepts them in their entirety. In this way, all that is stated in these General Terms becomes a legal obligation for the guest and for ZVIR D.O.O. agency.

The guest is obliged to provide true information requested by him on a reservation and for the authenticity of the ZVIR D.O.O. does not take responsibility. To book excursions and other activities, you must make a reservation by mail or agency, then ZVIR D.O.O. issue a voucher with booking details via e-mail or issue an account with the agency. In case of cancellation of the reservation, the amount of the advance is non-refundable.

If unforeseeable circumstances occur (i.e. atmospheric conditions) ZVIR D.O.O. reserves the right to change or cancel the reserved service. If changes occur on a reservation, ZVIR D.O.O. is obligated to the guest and will find the same or similar excursion at the same or approximate price.

We reserve the right to change these advertising terms and conditions as well as other terms and conditions without prior notice and in order to increase the quality of the site www.dubrovnikpartyboat.com

For all information regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us via email